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Aktualności - ostatnie wpisy
22 III 2018
We strengthen the Polish-American relationship
<p>The threats to the regional and global security as well as the Polish-US cooperation aimed at addressing those challenges were the ...
16 III 2018
NATO battalions in Poland – ...
<p>Security issues in Europe and the presence of the NATO Treaty battlegroups in the countries of the Alliance's eastern flank predominated ...
15 III 2018
Transatlantic cooperation
On the 14th of March 2018, the meeting of a Polish-U.S. High Level Defense Group (HLDG) has been held.<br /><br />
13 III 2018
We create authentic security system
<p>- <em>Poland attaches a great importance to cooperation in the B9 Group and between the countries of the Eastern Flank</em> - ...