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Editorial staff

Website of Ministry of National Defence is administered by Publish Information Department staff. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at: dpimon@wp.mil.pl



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Aktualności - ostatnie wpisy
13 X 2017
The Head of the Ministry ...
On Thursday, 12th October in London Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz rejected charges from the Ministry of Defence of the ...
12 X 2017
Polish-British consultations
<p>- <em>Security, also military security, is the greatest challenge all of us face today, it is especially important for - and ...
11 X 2017
Polish-Estonian cooperation
- Estonia and Poland complement each other and work cooperatively. Today we talked about strengthening cooperation within Battalion Battle Groups. We ...
09 X 2017
Minister Macierewicz on CYBERSEC
<em>Thank you for inviting me to CYBERSEC 2017. It is not only an honour to me personally,</em><em>but also a huge commitment ...