21 XII 2017

Deputy Minister of MOD visited PMC Latvia before Christmas

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Undersecretary of State Bartłomiej Grabski visited Polish Military Contingent in the Republic of Latvia and extend them best wishes.
zdjęcie - Deputy Minister of MOD visited PMC Latvia before Christmas

Commander of the Polish Military Contingent Maj. Leszek Woźny presented organization, structure and tasks carried out by the PMC Latvia. The guests had a chance also to be acquainted with the military equipment of the Polish Contingent and had a meeting with troops from battlegroup stationed at Camp Adazi.

Deputy Minister of MOD visited PMC Latvia before Christmas
During his stay in Latvia, Deputy Minister met with the Commander of the Latvian Motorized Infantry Brigade, Col. Ilmarsem Lejins, Commander of the Multinational Battlegroup Latvia, Lt. Col. WAD RUTLAND and Commanders of Contingents included in Multinational Battlegroup from: Spain, Italy, Albania, Slovenia and Slovakia. The meeting was also attended by the Director of Personnel Department of MOD - Radosław Peterman and military attaché in Riga Col. Roman Opalach.

Deputy Minister of MOD visited PMC Latvia before Christmas
Troops from the National Support Element of II Rotation of PMC Latvia, commanded by Cpt. Bartłomiej Piotrowski, organized Christmas Eve meeting. In addition, there was held  a videoconference with the Armed Forces Operational Command and other Polish Military Contingents deployed around the world. Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Sławomir WOJCIECHOWSKI gave Christmas wishes to all troops serving abroad.

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