12 III 2018

19th Anniversary of Polish Accession to the NATO

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We have many important dates for the history of Poland in our calendar. One of them is March 12. On this day in 1999 the Republic of Poland was officially accepted into the countries forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO.

zdjęcie - 19th Anniversary of Polish Accession to the NATO

19 years of membership has built in us a sense of security and close cooperation with our allies. The position of Poland in the Alliance is systematically growing. This was confirmed by the NATO summit organized in Warsaw in July 2016. The Polish voice is carefully listened to during the debates. Assigning at least 2 percent of gross domestic product to the army, we are one of the leaders of the Alliance.

Our country has a strong position in NATO. The presence of Polish soldiers in foreign missions conducted under the Alliance flag is a clear signal that we are concerned about security in the regional and global dimension. Polish aircraft under the Iraq and Baltic States, ships operating on the seas or military contingents are our real contribution to the world's security.

By giving hospitality to NATO allies, we are involved in security activities both on the eastern and southern flanks. For two decades, Polish soldiers and employees have served in NATO's political and military structures. They are the Polish contribution to the Alliance's achievements. Today, thinking about NATO, let’s remember that we are an important part of it. On the anniversary day, I would like to thank those who contribute to the strengthening of this organization. I wish all of us that the Alliance strengthens itself, because a strong Alliance is a safe Poland.

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