20 III 2014

Meeting with Defence Minister of Lithuania

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"The Lithuanians are good Allies. We have been cooperating for years. At the moment we are very actively working within NATO and the EU in order to build reaction of the West to annexation of Crimea. We want NATO to draw long-term conclusions at the summit in Wales." - said Minister Tomasz Siemoniak after the meeting with Defence Minister of Lithuania.
zdjęcie - Meeting with Defence Minister of Lithuania

On Thursday, March 20 a meeting of Defence Ministers of Poland and Lithuania Tomasz Siemoniak and Juozas Olekas was held in 18th Reconnaissance Regiment in Białystok, Poland.

- Our meeting was planned long time ago. It is taking place in a moment that is important for us and for NATO. We stated that in the face of the conflict our countries take a clear position. Agreeing with the whole international community we condemn everything that happened, annexation of the part of Ukraine. - said Minister Tomasz Siemoniak.

Lithuanian Minister of Defence noted that analyzing and discussing the security situation in Ukraine needs broader view. Security in the region does not consist only of the situation in Ukraine. Wider perspective is necessary. - Minister Olekas added.

During meeting with press Minister Tomasz Siemoniak also referred to works, carried out for a few years, on creating brigade together with Lithuania and Ukraine.

- The main objective of the future Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade (LITPOLUKRBRIG) will be to participate in stabilization missions, and - as the Minister emphasized - to help Ukraine to build armed forces in democratic country. The Minister reminded that documents concerning the brigade were prepared in 2013. - We have confirmed openness of Poland and Lithuania as far as further realization of that project is concerned. However, we stated that it requires further discussions with our Ukrainian partners, to make that project a reality within the nearest years. - said the Minister.

Minister Tomasz Siemoniak informed that the talks also pertained to military cooperation - we talked about common exercise, e.g. Air Policing mission, which will be performed by the Polish from May. We stressed together that it is very significant that new allies apply to participate in that mission - United States, Great Britain. It is vital to us that the greatest possible number of allies join that mission. - Minister of Defence stated.


Photo: WO A. Zakrzewski/Public Information Department, MOD


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