11 IX 2014

ANAKONDA 14 - the largest exercise of Polish army

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ANAKONDA-14 is the biggest Polish led joint exercise in the Military calendar conducted within an international partnership.
zdjęcie - ANAKONDA 14 - the largest exercise of Polish army

From 24th of September until 3th of October 2014 based on all types of Military Training Areas 12.5 thousand troops will practice, including 750 of the allied countries (Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Great Britain, United States).

The aim of the exercise will be to harmonize dedicated forces, to conduct defensive operations and to create the conditions for the receiving Allied Reinforcement Forces.
During the exercise, the non-military system cooperation within the framework of support of the Polish Armed Forces will be d and practiced.

For the past eight years Anakonda exercise has progressed from purely military activity through the exercise with the participation of the non-military system at the national, then regional assessment , to allied exercise with the active participation of NATO member countries.

As a result of these changes, exercise has become one of the fixed points of the Alliance training
In light of the changing security environment, ANAKONDA 14 will host a significant contribution from our NATO allies.
The confirmation of such importance will be presented with the active participation of national contingents from eight NATO countries.

From the beginning, that is from 2006, every two years exercise is organized and conducted by Polish Armed Forces Operational Command.

During this year's exercise will be: Observers Day (on 1st October – Military Training Area USTKA) and Distinguished Visitors Day (on 2nd October – Military Training Area ORZYSZ). The opening ceremony will be held at the Polish National Defense University in Warsaw.

Media interested in covering the course exercises are invited to send their accreditation application to the Press Department of the Armed Forces Operational Command no later than 16 September (foreign media) and 22 September (local media), to the following address: media.anakonda14@mon.gov.pl

All media representatives in their application form are requested to provide the following information: name and surname, country, date and place of birth, passport number, editorial office, telephone number, number of the satellite car.

The Press Information Centre will operate in Bemowo Piskie from 23th September to 3th October. Before the Centre becomes fully operational, all requests for information should be forwarded to:

MAJ Marek Pietrzak
Chief of the Press Information Centre
Phone: +48 685-54-44
E-mail: mpietrzak@mon.gov.pl


More information about exercise (in Polish):

EX Anakonda-14 website:  www.anakonda.do.wp.mil.pl
Armed Forces Operational Command:  www.do.wp.mil.pl

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