24 X 2017

2nd Rotation of NATO Battle Group

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- All troops have gone through many important exercises, they developed interoperability and had significantly contributed to raise the level of deterrence, thus the level of our security – about NATO Battle Group said Under-Secretary of State Tomasz Szatkowski in Bemowo Piskie.
zdjęcie - 2nd Rotation of NATO Battle Group
Photo: 15GBZ

On Friday 20th October, the solemn presentation of the rotation of NATO Multinational Battalion Group took place at The Land Forces Field Training Centre in Bemowo Piskie.

US, UK, Romanian and Croatian troops, like their predecessors, will spend six months in Poland. Soldiers from the United States 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment - Wolfpack are the core of the battalion. It also includes soldiers from the United Kingdom (Reconnaissance) and Romania (Anti-Aircraft). First time soldiers from Croatia (Artillery) have come to Poland.

During the ceremony, Undersecretary of State Tomasz Szatkowski told: - This project started recently, a little over a year ago, before the NATO Summit in Warsaw we were working on political resolutions. Today soldiers: Allies, soldiers from the 15th Mechanized Brigade and all our Armed Forces proved that this project could be implemented very quickly.

-    All troops have gone through a lot of important exercises, developed interoperability and very significantly contribute to raising the level of deterrence and thus the level of our security, helping us to be a more credible, better ally -  said the Under-Secretary of State.

Commander of the 15th Mechanized Brigade Brigade General Jarosław Gromadziński said that training  for soldiers during  last six months of deployment of the NATO Battalion Group was very intensive.

-    We are smarter, because we have experiences from six months of training. We are concentrating on achieving even greater understanding on the battlefield and that is our main goal, which is put before the second change - said General Gromadziński.

The presence of a heavy armored brigade in Poland is the result of decisions taken during the NATO Summit in Warsaw. In carrying out the program of the NATO enhanced presence, the U.S. took on the role of the framework State of the battalion battle group of the Alliance, which will be stationed in Poland. Since April 2017, in the Bemowo Piskie/Orzysz the BGPOL has been stationed. Today its second rotation took place.

NATO is enhancing its forward presence in the eastern part of the Alliance, with four multinational battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, on a rotational basis. The Enhanced Forward Presence is focused on increasing NATO’s deterrence potential on the eastern flank of the Alliance. Within the framework of the eFP, Orzysz will receive a more than 900-strong force of the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. Based on these units, the Americans will form a NATO eFP battalion combat-ready force, with added troops from Romania and the United Kingdom. The battalion will interface with, among other units, the 15th Mechanized Brigade, and its operation, as in the case of other eFP battalion battle groups, will be coordinated by the multi-national division command in Elbląg.

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