28 XII 2016

Bartosz Kownacki Speaks Out on the Year at the Defence Ministry

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In the "Polish Point of View" (Pol.: Polski punkt widzenia), a TV program aired on “TV Trwam,” the Deputy Minister of National Defence Bartosz Kownacki summed up the year at the Ministry of National Defence and stressed that thanks to the efforts of Antoni Macierewicz, Poland today is more secure. The Minister also commented on the case of the failure of talks with Airbus Helicopters.
zdjęcie - Bartosz Kownacki Speaks Out on the Year at the Defence Ministry

“In comparing this year with the previous one, during which our government assumed office, I am convinced that Poland is definitely a much more secure country in every respect,” noted the Deputy Minister of National Defence.

“This year was very well worked through, when it comes to issues of defense. This, of course, thanks to the efforts of the entire government, but most of all, thanks to the efforts of Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz. Thanks to his work in the Defence Ministry, changes have taken place that increased our security in each dimension. (…) A year ago, there were those who said that the NATO Summit in Warsaw will not take place, though finally it did and was a great success, both from an organizational side, and witness all the worked-out political issues. As a result, the first Allied troops will be deployed in Poland, since the need is there, because Russia's actions are becoming more and more aggressive,” he pointed out.

Bartosz Kownacki also said that the ending of negotiations with Airbus Helicopters for the purchase of helicopters for the Polish Army is a good decision.

“The Ministry of Economic Development led these discussions and has taken the right decision. Since economic conditions were unsatisfactory for the Polish side, these discussions had to come to a close, and so it happened. Currently, we are also negotiating with the French side for the acquisition of helicopters, but also negotiating with companies from Mielec and Świdnik. These proceedings have taught us a lot and allowed us to gain a reputation on the international stage. Thanks to these proceedings, we now know better how to evaluate such companies. (…) A notable effect of this program is the awareness of our partners in other programs that we are now realizing, that Poland will not bend under foreign pressure, even when negotiations are accompanied by intensive lobbying efforts by such or any other Government,” said the Deputy Defence Minister. “The French side must be aware of how such proceedings in Poland will be occurring, going forward,” said Bartosz Kownacki.

“Poland is a reliable ally of France. Please note that after last year's attacks in Paris, it was Poland which first declared its support for the French. I do not want to exaggerate this problem. On the contrary! Thanks to this, our foreign sales managers know that we will defend our own best interests,” said the minister.

“The conditions for various types of contracts and transactions which we have been receiving, are now much more favorable than those received during the term of the previous Civic Platform government. This has been occurring since the time Antoni Macierewicz became the Defence Minister,” he added.

“No one earlier had any demands, no one talked about the industrial conditions, and possible successful tendering entities were aware that that the government will eventually buckle. Today it is clear that we want to talk, that we want to be treated as partners and we are ready to pay decent money, but on the other hand, we expect honest and fair treatment. This is the full up-side of the current situation we’re in. It is a pity that the opposition, which had the opportunity to support the government on this issue, so that we could speak all in one voice in defense of jobs in Poland and in the struggle for the development of Polish industry, did not use its his hand and show that we are can all speak in one voice.”

Source: Radio Maryja.pl

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