24 XII 2016

Christmas Greetings from Defence Minister A. Macierewicz

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A Christmas greeting from the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz:
zdjęcie - Christmas Greetings from Defence Minister A. Macierewicz

Dear Generals,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Officers,

On this occasion of Christmas, on the occasion of the Nativity of Our Lord, I wish you a good, peaceful, family-centered feast day, spent in peace, in your home, as well as wherever you might be, taking part in missions, on duty, wherever the Republic may have sent You.

Christmas, the Nativity, the birth of Christ, that for us Christians, for us Poles has always primarily carried a great sense of hope, and together with this hope, poured courage into our hearts, and the determination, to best perform our own duties, and for our soldiers a reminder of the motto, which has accompanied Polish soldiers from the time of birth of the Polish nation: God, Honor and the Homeland.

Often this motto has been understood stereotypically, flat, as one of the many language formulations not especially carrying much meaning, but to all those who must wonder every day whether or not this day will be their last, whether requirements will be met, which I have placed upon myself and have been entrusted to me by my Homeland, i.e., the need of being ready for armed struggle, these words are then not banal, this motto does not qualify as simply repeated, flat wording, as these words apply to our lives.

When today wish you a good, peaceful, family-centered Christmas, this recalls all that is great in the Polish military tradition, but also recalls all that has been good, all that has happened over this last year: the new shape of the Polish Army, new opportunities that have appeared in front of each soldier, but also to the soldiers of the Territorial Defense Force, before the soldiers who make up the cyber army, but also additionally the Polish defense industry, which has contributed so much improvement in the process of modernizing the Polish Army during this year.

And so, here we are, a new army, new soldiers, and often new commanders, a new hope, which is being poured into your life and in the life of Poland. You are the torch bearers of this new hope, for which all of us thank you, for we all look to you as guarantors of Polish independence, to those who are in Africa, those who are in Afghanistan, to those who are in Kosovo, in Bosnia, to those who are in Kuwait.

Remember this also when you will be greeting our Allies within our borders.

Poland is rising up, is new, the army is new and a new sense of hope has arrived. Remember this when you will be sharing the traditional Christmas wafer with your loved ones.

And this is what I am doing today, wishing you all the best, a blessed New Year, accompanied by good, happy holidays to you and your families.

Antoni Macierewicz
Minister of National Defence of the Republic of Poland

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