28 VI 2018

Cooperation within NATO is a guarantee of security

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 Service of Alliance soldiers, among others here in Latvia is a proof that the groundbreaking decisions taken at the NATO Summit in Warsaw are being implemented, and that Europe and the world may feel safe, because the North Atlantic Alliance is ready to provide defense  said Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense during the meeting with soldiers serving in Latvia.
zdjęcie - Cooperation within NATO is a guarantee of security

On Thursday, June 28, Andrzej Duda, the President of the Republic of Poland and the head of the Ministry of National Defense met in the Adazi base with soldiers serving in the 2nd and 3rd rotations of the Polish Military Contingent in Latvia.

 I am impressed by the cooperation between the soldiers of eight armies who serve here in Latvia. (...) Poland is solidary with its allies. The Polish Army is present in Romania, Iraq, Afghanistan - wherever our allies expect our support  said the minister.

The head of the Defense Ministry remarked that our country also expects solidarity. - We appreciate the solidarity our partners show us, hence the presence of US, UK, Croatian and Romanian forces in our country. We focus on even deeper cooperation within NATO. One of the Polish commanders - Operational Commander of the Armed Forces Services, will soon take command in the Szczecin Corps, which is the highest allied command in this part of Europe, in this part of the eastern flank - said Minister Blaszczak.

During the visit, the Defense Minister thanked all eFP soldiers for their service.

Addressing Polish soldiers, he said:  You are Poland's ambassadors in Latvia and within NATO. You create the way our country is viewed by our allies and how we are perceived by Latvian society. Give a testimony of solidarity to our allies. Thank you for your dedicated service, thanks to which we can feel safe - said the minister.



During the ceremony, the President and the head of the Ministry of National Defense awarded the soldiers of the battlegroup. The Polish delegation also lit candles at the monument "Vienotiba Speks", which commemorates soldiers who died on missions.



In accordance with the decision of the NATO Summit in Warsaw, multinational battalion battlegroups to strengthen the eastern flank of the Alliance arrived in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. At the NATO Summit, it was decided to undertake activities aimed at increasing the security of the flank.

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