08 X 2016

Defence Minister Macierewicz at LITPOLUKRBRIG

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“This is a symbol of our interoperability, these Polish-Ukrainian-Lithuanian forces, as the best proof and guarantee of the security of our three Nations. For a secure Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania,” said Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz during the celebration of the command battalion of the Multinational Brigade.
zdjęcie - Defence Minister Macierewicz at LITPOLUKRBRIG
Photo: Lt2 Robert Suchy/OC MOND

On Friday, 7 October, the head of Poland’s Defence Ministry and representatives of the military command of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, participated in official celebrations of the battalion command of the Multinational Brigade, which is affiliated with the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade (abbr.: LITPOLUKRBRIG), stationed in Lublin.

During the ceremony, which was held on LITPOLUKRBRIG grounds, an official decision was read announcing the appointment of Colonel Zenon Brzuszko for the position of Commander of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade.

“This unit has reached initial operational readiness in January. Then I had the honor of visiting you for the first time. Today, I appoint Col. Brzuszko to command this unit on the eve of it reaching full operational readiness. You are taking over its command, fully ready for action. You are taking over this unit at a time when its operational capabilities may be of the utmost importance for Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. I place this unit in your hands, because you are the best prepared officer for the task,” said Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz during the ceremony.

“The tasks of the brigade in the framework of cooperation, both with the North Atlantic Alliance, the European Union and the United Nations, are extremely important. In addition to these tasks, this unit performs a very specific role in the collaboration, improvement and intensification of mutual relations between Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine,” stressed the Defence Minister during his appearance at this special occasion.

“The strength of this joint project of three neighboring countries, known under the name of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade based in Lublin, lies in the synergy effect of actions taken in order to achieve a common goal. The purpose of this is to build, in an atmosphere of friendship and trust, the capability of inter-operational capacity for the common security of our countries. I assure you, that I will use all my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to contribute to this great task of service, so that we can all be proud of our brigade and its accomplishments,” stressed, in turn, the new Brigade Commander, Col. Zenon Brzuszko.

During the ceremony, the head of the Defence Ministry, representatives of the military command of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and battalion command soldiers of the Multinational Brigade received commemorative badges. At the end of the ceremony, the battalion presented a full-dress drill and marched in a parade.

The Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade, also known as LITPOLUKRBRIG, is a multinational unit, consisting of detachments of the armed forces of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. An agreement was signed creating it on September 19, 2014, in Warsaw. The brigade eventually formed in the fall of 2015. The creation of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade is part of the continuous process of consistent and long-term military cooperation between Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania.

The Commander of the Multinational Brigade (LITPOLUKRBRIG) is Colonel Zenon Brzuszko, who was born in 1970 in the Podkarpacie area. In 1994, he graduated from the Higher Officer School of Mechanized Units in Wroclaw, in the field of evaluation. After graduating from the higher school, he began service in 120th Hussar Mechanized Regiment in Świętoszów as a platoon leader, and then commanded the exploratory company in the 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade. Other posts included: exploratory officer, specialist in the Strategic-Operational Branch Training Division, Commander of the Polish-Ukrainian Peace Keeping Battalion in Przemyśl, Commander of the 5th Highlander Riflemen’s Battalion, Deputy Commander of the 17th Wielkopolska Area Mechanized Brigade, and Commander of the 21st Highlander Riflemen’s Brigade. He participated in three missions abroad: in Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Colonel Brzuszko is a graduate (with diploma and postgraduate studies) of the National Defense Academy and civilian colleges. He is interested in history, architecture and skiing. He has a wife and three children.

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