20 XI 2017

Defence Minister Macierewicz at the Halifax International Security Forum

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On Saturday 18th November, Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz took part in an international security conference - the Halifax International Security Forum, which took place in Canada. The Head of the Ministry of Defense was one of the participants of a panel devoted to Russia's influence on destabilization of the security of Europe.
zdjęcie - Defence Minister Macierewicz at the Halifax International Security Forum
Photo: LT Robert Suchy

The discussion was also attended by: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pawlo Klimkin, President of the Institute of Energy Policy Vladimir Milov and US Senator Jeanne Shaheen.
- Today in Ukraine we observe an open war. This is an aggression that breaks all the rules of the civilized world, breaks the international order in Europe and at the same time Russia openly says that has the right to change the systems and boundaries of the European countries. But that is not all, because the hybrid war, the teleinformatic war is not limited to Europe, but also occurs in the US and is conducted in a very aggressive and intense manner. Throughout history, we have not seen such a level of determination. This is partly the result of the synthesis between technical possibilities that we currently have and the Russian tradition of lying and disinformation, as a fundamental tool of war carried out by Russia. The third element, which of course must be emphasized, because without it the picture is incomplete, is that what is happening in Asia, what is happening in North Korea. From the Polish point of view, North Korea's activity is closely related and correlated with the Russian plans and with the aggressive activity of the Russian Federation. If we do not take this into consideration, we will never understand the scale of the aggression and the plans that Russia currently implements. This is not a Cold War. The results of the exercise ZAPAD2017, which ended two months ago and stretched from the Arctic Ocean along to the Black Sea, exercise with the use of ballistic missiles and Iskander missiles able to carry nuclear warheads, showed that they are not preparing for defense, but for offense. Poland has to assume, that it is not a Cold war, but a Hot War - said Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz during a discussion about security threats in Europe.

Defence Minister Macierewicz at the Halifax International Security Forum
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pawlo Klimkin after he analyzed and assessed the security situation in Europe, especially in the eastern region and Ukraine, said: - Russian aggression would not be possible without international support. (...). Ukraine nation must receive support and technical background, as well as training. Our friends from Poland and US trained together with us and it is very important.
During the panel the issue of US contribution to Europe's stability and security was also discussed. Minister Macierewicz referred to the role of US troops stationed on the Eastern Flank.
- We remember the words spoken by the President Trump on the square in Warsaw, where Warsaw Uprising insurgents fought.  The President of the United States said that US troops would always stay shoulder to shoulder with Poland, especially when any threat from the East would appear and art. 5 of the Washington Treaty will be respected. As a Minister of National Defense I also want to add that in the whole history the President of US has never done so much for the deployment of American troops, as the current President and his Administration. Thanks to the US Administration, because every each month we see an increased number of troops on the Eastern Flank and Poland buys the most modern weapons to ensure our security in the face of threats from the Russia – spoke Minister Macierewicz.
Participating in the debate US Senator J. Shaheen emphasized that the United States provides a lot of support, ensuring safety on the Eastern Flank. USA also focuses their efforts on tasks that would make Ukraine independent. - Speaking of safety we all have to look in one direction - added Senator Shaheen.
What happened between Ukraine and Russia, considering that Ukraine as an independent country was constituted in a stable, completely separate way from Russia, signified a profound geopolitical change, which all the rulers of Russia have feared for three centuries. Since the end of World War II, all rulers of Russia were most afraid of the situation in which NATO and the US Army are close to their borders. Putin has led to this situation because of his aggressive policy. This shows that the only effective way to oppose Putin is a wide range of tools, but the most important, is the ability to resist force by force - spoke during the panel Minister Macierewicz.

Defence Minister Macierewicz at the Halifax International Security Forum
During his stay in Canada, the Head of the Ministry of National Defense Antoni Macierewiczalso met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pawlo Klimkin, United States Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer and Swiss Minister of Defense Guy Permelin.

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