21 III 2016

Defense Attachés Briefed

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On Monday, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Poland, met with participants of the 12th defense attachés’ briefing, which is underway in Warsaw between 21–25 March.
zdjęcie - Defense Attachés Briefed

“This briefing was of particular importance (...) I want to emphasize your important role as attachés, a unique role in these exceptional times. (…) The harder the times, this task becomes more difficult and important,” said Minister Antoni Macierewicz at the beginning of the meeting, while stressing the importance of the task and the great responsibility lying ahead, with the military delegations representing Polish affairs and the Polish Army worldwide.

In his speech, the Defence Minister introduced the main challenges facing the Polish Armed Forces, inter alia, in the context of a change in the international security environment.

One of the topics on the Defence Minister’s agenda was of an organizational nature, ahead of the upcoming Warsaw NATO Summit.

During the meeting, Minister Macierewicz made reference to recent changes taking place in the structure of the army, including the nascent territorial defense system. The Minister pointed out that territorial defense is an important element of the changes that are currently underway in the Polish Army and are intended to increase its potential. As he pointed out, three territorial defense brigades should be operational at the turn of the 2016/2017, along Poland’s eastern border areas.

During the meeting, the Defence Minister also spoke about the role of political history in the service of patriotism, which as he pointed out, is the foundation for the functioning of the Armed Forces.

Meetings with members of the management structure of the Defence Ministry and command structures of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland will take place within the next four days.

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