17 XI 2017

Delegation of the US Congress in MoND

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On November 17, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence Mr. Tomasz Szatkowski hosted the delegation of the United States Congress that was led by Representative Trent Kelly from the Republican Party. Congressman Kelly is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.
zdjęcie - Delegation of the US Congress in MoND

Vice Minister Szatkowski thanked for the American involvement in the NATO’s Eastern Flank, accentuating the role of strengthened US military presence in Poland, and expressed an expectation that it would be a long-term commitment. He appreciated a considerable increase of the spending on the US military presence in Europe in the Fiscal Year 2018 Defence Budget. Congressman Kelly assured that those steps were necessary to strengthen security on the NATO’s Eastern Flank. He confirmed the American solidarity with the European Allies.

Undersecretary Szatkowski noted with satisfaction that Poland had become a hub for the US presence on the Eastern flank. He referred to the common Polish-American infrastructural projects and expressed our will to continue the cooperation aimed at providing the best conditions possible for the NATO troops deployed in Poland.

Congressman Kelly acknowledged the level of the Polish defence budget and ambitious programme of the modernization of the Polish Armed Forces. All members of the Congress delegation appreciated the ties of friendship between Polish and American soldiers as well as the respect for our Armed Forces’ contribution to military operations and missions worldwide.

The Congress delegation will also visit the American soldiers in Powidz, Poznań and Bemowo Piskie.

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