27 IV 2017

EU defense ministers meeting

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Minister of National Defense  Antoni Macierewicz participated in the meeting of the Defense Ministers of the European Union in Valletta, Malta on Thursday, April 27th.
zdjęcie - EU defense ministers meeting
Photo.: ppor. Robert Suchy/CO MON

Future ahead of the EU Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) was the main topic of the session chaired by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini. The use of the EU Battle Groups and the situation in Libya and the Mediterranean, including the illegal migration and operations of EUNAVFOR Med / Sophia, have also been raised.

Minister Macierewicz noted that the meeting organized by the Maltese Presidency was informal and that it was an exchange of views without taking any decisions. Referring to the PESCO, the Head of the Polish Ministry of National Defense indicated that this is a potential opportunity to strengthen the European Union and to increase its capacity to respond to the challenges it faces. Nevertheless, Member States' solidarity and military capabilities remain a fundamental prerequisite for its effectiveness. PESCO should therefore be open to all European countries, including non-EU members, complementary to NATO activities and based on the joint increase of Member States' defense spending to reach at least 2% of GDP, as is the case in Poland.

Minister Macierewicz recalled that NATO remains the essential pillar of security for Poland and Europe, and the EU's efforts in defense policy should be complementary and not alternative to the Alliance.

The Head of the Ministry of National Defense had also opportunity to talk with the Chief Executive of the European Defense Agency (EDA) Mr Jorg Domecq on the prospects for the defense industry development and the special dealing with the security of military crisis supplies.

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