14 VI 2018

EUCOM deputy commander visit

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Current issues of Polish-American cooperation in the field of security and defense were the main topic of the conversation between Tomasz Szatkowski, undersecretary of state in the Ministry of National Defense and the deputy commander of the US Army in Europe Major General Timothy McGuire.
zdjęcie - EUCOM deputy commander visit

The presence of American forces in Poland and prospects for its increase, as well as the involvement of American and Polish troops in joint exercises were discussed. The parties also referred to the security situation on the Alliance's eastern flank.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister T. Szatkowski, on behalf of Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, decorated Major General T. McGuire with the Gold Medal of the Polish Army in recognition of his special merits in the field of developing cooperation between the armed forces of Poland and the United States.

Gen. Div. McGuire was appointed Deputy Commander of the US Army in Europe in June 2016 and will soon finish his term in this position. During many years of military service he served, among others, in the Central US Military Command headquarters (CENTCOM). He also participated in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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