26 IX 2016

Euro-American Security Workshops

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On Friday, 23 September, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence, Tomasz Szatkowski, took part in the Euro-American Security Workshops organized jointly by the Latvian Ministry of Defence and the American foundation „Potomac.”
zdjęcie - Euro-American Security Workshops

The main theme of the workshops was the implementations of the decisions made during the Warsaw NATO Summit in regards to the defense strategy in the Baltic Sea region.

On the sidelines of the workshops, a bilateral meeting of the Undersecretary of State, Tomasz Szatkowski, with the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia, Jānis Garisons, took place, during which questions related to the NATO Summit decisions most important for this region were addressed. The subject matters of the discussion focused on ways to enhance the Forward Presence (eFP) of the Allied forces in Poland and the Baltic States, and establishing the local division’s command headquarters.

During the conversations, the Undersecretary of State, Tomasz Szatkowski, confirmed the Polish commitment to reinforce security of Latvia and the other Baltic States. This could be achieved by assigning a company of the Polish Armed Forces to the NATO battalion deployed in Latvia within the framework of eFP, by Poland’s engagement in the Baltic Air Policing program, and a planned military presence of the V4 countries in the Baltic States.

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