17 II 2018

In Munich about security

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Undersecretary of State in the Defense Ministry Tomasz Szatkowski attended the annual Munich Security Conference (MSC) held from  16 to  17 February this year.

zdjęcie - In Munich about security

The annual meetings of representatives of the world of politics, security, the world of science and economy and from the international organizations, initiated in 1963, are a prestigious forum for exchanging opinions gathering leaders and key decision makers from around the world. Over thirty heads of state and government and over a hundred ministers took part in this year's edition of the conference.

Deputy Minister Szatkowski took part in the MSC discussion panels and held bilateral meetings, among others with the executive director of the European Defense Agency (EDA), Mr. Jorge Domecq, and the director of the Political-Military Bureau in the Ministry of Defense of Israel, Mr. Zohar Palti. The main topic of the conversation with the EDA Director was the implementation of joint projects within the framework of permanent structural cooperation in the field of defense (PESCO). The conversation with Israeli partners concerned the current state and prospects of political and defense cooperation.

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