02 VIII 2017

Increase of defence spending by the Polish government

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On Tuesday, 18th July 2017, The National Defence Committee of the Polish Parliament decided by votes of PiS (Law and Justice) and Kukiz’15 on the act of law on modernization, prepared by the minister of national defence Antoni Macierewicz, which set an increase of defence spending above 2% GDP and reaching 2.5% GDP in 2030.
zdjęcie - Increase of defence spending by the Polish government

Former ministers of defence, Tomasz Siemoniak and Czesław Mroczek, voted against an increase of defence spending for Poland.

They acted to the detriment of Poland. Members of the parliamentary opposition (Civic Platform) thereby opposed to the decisions of the NATO Summit, to the reinforcement of the eastern flank of NATO and to the increase of defence spending for Poland- also against the policy line of the President of the United States Donald Trump, who highlighted the necessity for European countries to increase defence spending.

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