10 I 2018

Mariusz Błaszczak – new Minister of National Defense

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On Tuesday, 9th January, Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz handed over his duties of the Head of the Ministry of National Defense to Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.
zdjęcie - Mariusz Błaszczak – new Minister of National Defense

Command staff of the Polish Armed Forces and the Ministry of National Defense management staff took part in the ceremony, assisted by the Representative Honor Guard of the Polish Army.

- I am honored of taking over the duties of the Minister of National Defense. It is an obligation, but also a great responsibility.When I was entrusted with the mission of the Minister of the Interior and Administration, my goal was to rebuild the sense of security in Poland. For the last two years, efforts of Minister Macierewicz caused that Poland is safer - said Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak, at the ceremony.

 - The goal is the same – to take responsibility for securing our homeland and to increase the level of security of Poland. The most important issue is to Poland be able to defend itself against aggressors and enemies. Our mission is to make the Polish Army modernized with the best equipment and to raise morale, so that the fact of serving in the Polish Army would be a distinction and an honor. I would like to thank for the efforts of Minister Macierewicz, I would like to assure that these activities will be continued - said Minister Błaszczak.

-  In the last two years you have changed Poland and changed the Polish Army. (...) Poland has the opportunity to change, because you started to change Army. For the first time in decades, Poles could say that they feel safe, that they are proud of their Army, that they are proud of their daughters and sons, brothers and sisters who wear the Polish Army’s uniforms - said Antoni Macierewicz the former Minister of National Defense, during the ceremony.

-  You have made a great effort to change the whole Army. We all know that it was not easy to face the challenge of creating the Territorial Defense Forces. We know how great it was to overcome fears, uncertainties, but also objections. But this change made the Polish Army finally complete, bounded until death with the nation - said Antoni Macierewicz.

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