18 V 2017

Meeting of the EU Defense Ministers

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-  It is a good day for Poland, a good day for the European Union, a good day for strengthening our defense cooperation - said defense minister Antoni Macierewicz after the EU defense ministers meeting.
zdjęcie - Meeting of the EU Defense Ministers

On Thursday, 18 May, Antoni Macierewicz and Undersecretary of State Tomasz Szatkowski participated in the meeting in Brussels.
- Today we discussed a very rich program focusing on strengthening the defense cooperation, defense industry and possibly in structural and permanent cooperation in the sphere of defense. Here Poland has a clear position - we are in favor of strengthening the European defense so that it is aimed at defending the eastern flank and supporting those countries that are threatened by Russian aggression. We have offered the Cracow Land Operations Center (LOC)  as a headquarters for the EU battle groups operations, but also for NATO operations if they are needed. EU battle groups would benefit from this enormous potential and excellent equipment of LOC - said minister at the press conference.
Minister Macierewicz also addressed the issue of permanent structural co-operation in the armaments sector, saying: - We see this very optimistically, but only if it does not lead to the creation of a two-speed Europe in the armaments sector, in the military sphere.
-  We have started talks with the EDA, the arms industry related agency, to open the door to further discussion, while saying that it can not go beyond a certain level, namely, it can not deprive Poland of the freedom to choose a partner for strategic supplies to the arms industry - ended the head of Polish MoND.

During his visit to Brussels, Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz spoke also with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
The main topic of the meeting under the chairmanship of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,  was the long-term priorities and proposals of actions strengthening the European Defense Agency (EDA), progress in the implementation of the European Union Global Strategy (EUGS) in the field of security and defense,  including the Permanent Structural Cooperation (PESCO), CARD defense review and operationalization of EU Battle Groups.
The course of cooperation with NATO with particular regard to the issue of counteracting terrorist threats was also discussed during the meeting.

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