11 VII 2017

Meeting with the Chief of the Defence Staff of Canada general Jonathan Vance

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On Tuesday 11th of July, Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz met with the the Chief of the Defence Staff of Canada General Jonathan Vance, who was in Poland at the invitation of the Chief of the General Staff  Lt. General Leszek Surawski.

zdjęcie - Meeting with the Chief of the Defence Staff of Canada general Jonathan Vance
Photo: LT Robert Suchy/OC MoND

The meeting was a great opportunity to thank Canada for its recent commitment to strengthening the security of NATO's eastern flank, due to the Ukrainian crisis.
Minister A. Macierewicz expressed the appreciation for the quick decisions and dislocation of Canadian subdivisions on the territory of the Republic of Poland, in connection with the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. Maple Detachment Forces belonged to one of the first foreign formations that were sent to Poland as a part of Alliance response to the above occurrences. At the same time the Canadian Armed Forces are, next to the United States of America, the longest-standing forces on the territory of the Republic of Poland, building the same image of a credible partner and supportive ally.

During talks concerned the prospects for further political-military cooperation were discussed. Minister A. Macierewicz expressed his belief that common commitment Polish and Canada Armed Forces in connection with NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic states and also the presence of the Battle Battalion Group in Latvia, are the proof of the sense of responsibility of both countries, for the safety of the transatlantic community.
At the same time minister expressed the expectation that Canada's involvement as a framework state in the Battalion Battle Group in Latvia, to which Poland had designated a military contingent of tanks companies, would not reduce the scale of bilateral military cooperation in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
Both sides agreed that there is indeed a necessity for further adaptation of the Alliance to current challenges in the environment of international security in the direct and distant proximity of NATO territory.

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