09 X 2017

Minister Macierewicz on CYBERSEC

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Thank you for inviting me to CYBERSEC 2017. It is not only an honour to me personally,but also a huge commitment and obligationfor the Ministry of National Defence to take deeper, more fundamental approach to cyber security - said Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz during the 3rd CYBERSEC Cyber Security Forum in Krakow.
zdjęcie - Minister Macierewicz on CYBERSEC

- More than a year ago, during the NATO Summit in Warsaw, we made some important commitments to cybersecurity. […].

- We concluded that cyberspace is a warfare domain, equal to land, sea, air and space. We decided to reaffirm our national responsibility, to enhance the cyber defences of national infrastructures and networks. We have taken the decision to create
cyberspace forces, increase the responsibilities of the National Cryptology Center and appoint a plenipotentiary of security and cybersecurity, who is my deputy: - said in his speech the Head of MOnD.

- Protecting the cyberspace is not an easy task. The constant „arms race” in the field of information technologies brings along more and more complex cyber threats. There is no single institution or organization that is exposed to attacks.  If we want to build our cyber potential, we have to first identify the nature of threats.

In his speech, Minister Macierewicz mentioned the recent threats of cyber security, such as: attacks on the Estonian government in 2007, major hacking activities prior and during the NATO Summit in Warsaw last year, attacks on Ukraine in 2017. Fortunately we managed with these attacks in Poland, but (...) all these examples are not individual actions of individual hackers. They are supported  by the concrete states, which brings up the cybersecurity to the state level– said Minister Macierewicz. The Head of the MOnD stressed that the situation requires increasingly taking actions by governments to ensure safety in this area.

Minister Macierewicz emphasized that there are tools that easy allow to infect with the disinformation entire societies. - These tools include the so-called troll factories and bots. Groups of people are conducting mass scale INFOOPS earlier planned by the Russian intelligence  – said Minister of National Defence. As he added - In social media, they are additionally supported by bots that distribute the message prepared earlier.

- All these incidents we carefully observe, we observe all actions against security of Poland and our NATO allies. We build our competences and capacities in cyberspace. As we are aware of our role on the Eastern Flank, so we take steps to make the cyber component of our security to be our strength. We are becoming a serious player in the field of cyberdefence. That is why we decided to create our own cyberspace forces. Around thousand soldiers will be fighting in cyberspace, against potential cyberattacks.

The opening statement  of the 3rd CYBERSEC Cybersecurity Forum in Cracow was delivered  by Prime Minister Beata Szydlo.  Ms. Szydło stressed the readiness to ensure the highest level of security is the priority of three ministries: the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

In CYBERSEC debate also took part Under-Secretary of State minister Bartłomiej Grabski and Tomasz Szatkowski.

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