29 IX 2017

Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz in Latvia

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On Thursday 28th September, Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz visited the military base in Adazi, Latvia. The Polish MOD talked with representatives of the defence departments of Albania, Spain, Canada, Latvia, Slovenia and Italy.

zdjęcie - Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz in Latvia
Photo: LT Robert Suchy/MoND

At the end of the the meeting, during the press conference, Latvian Minister of Defence
Mr. Raimonds Bergmanis said: I am very glad to welcome you in Latvia. Today we are celebrating the certification of a NATO multinational battle group that is part of a permanent Forward Presence. Thus, it has achieved full operational capability. Today I talked with all ministers about issues related to eFP and how to improve our cooperation.. The presence of a combat group in Latvia increases collective defence on the eastern border of the alliance. Most of the members of the battle group are currently involved in military exercises, thereby increasing the interoperability of the Latvian Armed Forces and armed forces of the countries that are part of the eFP. I would like to express my greatest respect and gratitude to the units which are stationed in Latvia and defend our alliance. I would also like to thank the countries participating in the eFP for the demonstration of allied solidarity, determination and ability to defend the NATO. I would like to thank my colleagues and eFPs units for their work and contribution to promote our common security. They are here to support a great initiative, together we will be stronger, more consolidated and we will build long-lasting relationships between our countries.

In the address Minister Macierewicz thanked all countries for their contribution to the formation of the battalion battle group in Latvia, for involvement in all activities aimed to strengthening the security of the eastern flank, and stated that: Poland will be present in this group as long as it will be necessary.

Minister Antoni Macierewicz accompanied by Operational Commander of the Types of Armed Forces Major General Sławomir Wojciechowski, also met with soldiers of the Polish Military Contingent.

The mission of Polish soldiers is: liberation, defence and common action when someone wants to attack - added the head of MON during the meeting with Polish troops.

The President of the United States indicated that Poland is a country that defends the values of the independence of the whole west. Poland has become one of the most important and respected countries in Europe and NATO. The formation of the Multinational Battle Group we owe to you and to all NATO, which shows its capabilities when security is in danger. You participate in this effort and I would like to thank you for that. You are an example for Polish youth. People look at you with pride and hope that as long as you are here you can create a strong and independent Poland - stressed Minister of National Defence.

The Polish Military Contingent consists of troops from 9th  Armoured Cavalry Brigade from Braniewo with logistic support. Canada-led NATO eFP battle group Latvia is constituted of more than 1 000 troops from Albania, Italy, Canada, Poland, Slovenia, and Spain.

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