08 VIII 2017

MOD Explanation

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Due to the information of the National Security Bureau concerning the postponement of general promotions, as long as the new command system of the armed forces is set, the Ministry of Defence explains as follows:

zdjęcie - MOD Explanation

1. The necessity to restore a unified command system of the Polish Armed Forces has been, and still remains, a priority of the government of Beata Szydło and the minister of national defence, Antoni Macierewicz, who raised this issue already in 2014.

2. A model of such changes has been prepared as part of the  Strategic Defence Review (SDR), prepared by the Ministry of National Defence, the results of which were submitted to the National Security Bureau (NSB). The President of the Republic of Poland (precisely the National Security Bureau) has taken part in this work. This model was then verified during the command-post exercises codenamed ZIMA’17, with the participation of representatives of the polish President.

3. At the request of the head of the National Security Bureau a number of consultation visits with the participation of the undersecretary of state at the Ministry of National Defence, Tomasz Szatkowski, were organized in order to exchange views and explain all details to the head of the NSB. In addition to that a draft amendment to the act of law on the office of the minister of national defence and other acts of law being part of the reform of the armed forces were sent to the president for consultation.

4. The proposed project restores unification in the army command, significantly extends the competencies of the president, within the confines of the constitution, and adjusts the entire system to cooperation with  NATO forces, at the same time taking into consideration Poland's national security requirements.

5. It is important to mention that personal decisions, which are key for a new command system, have been made, at the request of prime minister Beata Szydło and MoD, by the president during the last 12 months. Issues to be still discussed are not of fundamental meaning and can be set during further consultations.

6. The changes designed as part of the Strategic Defence Review are aiming at adjusting the Army to new challenges resulting from an increasing external threat and many years of negligence in the personal, organizational and strategic domain and concerning the directions of the army's technical modernization. A key element of those changes is to shape the new commanding staff. Without this element all other reforms might be lost. An indication of this are the mistakes made during the last 27 years, which are now being corrected with difficulty.

MOD Press Spokesperson

mjr Anna Pęzioł-Wójtowicz

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