28 V 2018

NATO allies cooperation is a guarantee of security

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Strengthening security efforts and the presence of allied troops on the eastern flank are the main topics discussed by Mariusz Błaszczak, the minister of national defense with Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO secretary general.
zdjęcie - NATO allies cooperation is a guarantee of security

On Monday, the Minister of National Defense met at the Ministry of National Defense in Warsaw with the secretary general of NATO.

The head of the Ministry of Defense thanked for the Alliance's activities that strengthen security in our region. At the same time, he stressed that the changes taking place in this sphere require all allies to remain committed and unity in action.

Minister Blaszczak remarked that Poland, while caring for the security of the eastern flank, as a proven and reliable ally, is also involved in activities that guarantee peace among others on the southern flank. Poland also participates in a coalition against the so-called Islamic state and in mission in Afghanistan.

The talk also focused on strengthening the presence of the Alliance in Poland, improving command structures, as well as matters related to the forthcoming NATO Summit and decisions that should be taken in the face of new challenges related to ensuring security.


On Monday, the plenary session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly took place in Warsaw. The debate concerned a draft declaration on the confirmation of NATO's unity and credibility at the July summit of the Alliance in Brussels. Many issues that will be included in the declaration are of paramount importance for the security of Poland, including the issue of strengthening collective defense on the eastern flank, combating hybrid threats from Russia and energy security in Central and Eastern Europe.

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