14 II 2018

NATO changes and strengthens

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 - The most important thing is that NATO is changing and strengthening. It becomes a force that is able to resist the threat - said Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense after the first day of the meeting of ministers of defense of NATO countries in the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

zdjęcie - NATO changes and strengthens

The change of command structure and the creation of new commands, increasing defense spending of member states and cooperation between NATO and the EU were the main topics of the session. The meeting was also used to prepare for the July summit of the Alliance.

At the NATO summit in Warsaw in July 2016, the Allies decided to review the command structure in response to new threats and challenges, including aggressive actions by Russia.

- The changes proposed in the NATO command are a very good direction and will after many years strengthen the North Atlantic Alliance. Poland is still interested in hosting the HQs at the army level, which is to be established as a part of the NATO command structure reform - said the head of the Defense Ministry, Mariusz Blaszczak. As he emphasized - The most important thing is that NATO is changing and strengthening. It becomes a force that is able to resist the threat. This is the process we expected. It also strengthens our security. Only by strengthening NATO can we feel safe.

An important topic in Brussels was the review of the battlegroups operational status as part of the forward NATO presence on the Eastern Flank (enhanced Forward Presence - eFP). These issues were discussed by the head of the Polish defense ministry in bilateral talks. Minister Mariusz Błaszczak on further bilateral strengthening of cooperation in the field of defense, including modernization projects carried out in the Polish Armed Forces, talked with the Secretary of Defense of the United States, Secretary of Defense of Great Britain and with defense ministers of France, Germany, Romania and Croatia.

The meeting was also attended by Undersecretary of State of the Defense Ministry Tomasz Szatkowski and the head of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, General Leszek Surawski.

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