09 XI 2017

NATO Defence Ministers’ Meeting in Brussels

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- We are ready to host a new NATO Command Center - said at the end of the two-days NATO Defense Ministers' Meeting in Brussels Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz.
zdjęcie - NATO Defence Ministers’ Meeting in Brussels

The final decisions concerning the exact locations of the new Command Centers will be made in February 2018 during the  next of NATO Defense Ministers’ meeting. Reform  of NATO's Command Structure provides the creation of two new Command Centers. One of them will ensure the safety of sea lanes between Europe and the USA on the north Atlantic and the second will provide more efficient movement of military equipment and forces across Europe in the event of a real crisis.

- NATO draws conclusions from the changes in world security situation - said Deputy Minister Tomasz Szatkowski. As Minister noted: the new structure is intended to enable operations to be much larger scale than ever. (...) Today the awareness of the Russian threat in NATO is widespread, but two years ago it was not so obvious.

The talks focused, among others things, on preparations for the NATO Summit in 2018, the amount of defense spending, the role of the Alliance in the fight against terrorism, as well as shaping stability in the vicinity of the Alliance and maintaining the policy of deterrence and global challenges, for example, the situation in North Korea.
Ministers’ talks were also concerned cyber security, including possibilities to implement previously agreed principles for building cyber-security in the Member States.

On Wednesday, Ministers summarized the results of deployment of Battle Group as the part of NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence on the Eastern Flank. The development of defense capabilities and issues related to changes in NATO's Command Structure were also subjects of the session.

The Head of the Ministry of National Defense stressed that Poland can fully feel the co-creator of the changes that are currently taking place in NATO. In his opinion, the decisions of actual ministerial meeting of the Alliance are largely the result of the efforts of the Polish side.

Minister Macierewicz said that initiated in Brussels discussions were also a result of the decisions taken during the NATO Summit in Warsaw in July 2016, including the decisions related to strengthening of the Alliance's Eastern Flank. - We see the great success of the Warsaw NATO Summit (...). We think that these things are going in the right direction" – he added.

The meeting of all participants in the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan as well as meeting of countries acting within the coalition against the so-called Islamic state was also held on Thursday. The current mission Resolute Support has primarily a training character and serves to strengthen the government's security forces and the creating of defense structures in Afghanistan. Polish troops have been participated in the mission since the beginning and as the Polish Minister of  National Defense said - It is not precluded their further strengthening.

On the first day of the session in Brussels, the Minister of National Defense was represented by the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of National Defense Tomasz Szatkowski.

In addition, were held meetings of the countries most involved in the support of Ukraine in the "Quint" Formula with representatives from the USA, Poland, Great Britain, Lithuania and Canada and meeting of countries participating in the eFP in Latvia (Canada, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Albania).

Minister Macierewicz also met with his counterparts from Croatia, Norway, Great Britain and Romania.

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