01 V 2017

Orlik 7 Left the Ground

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On the 1st of May a four-month duty on the military air surveillance mission of the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Latvia has been launched by Polish airmen from the 2nd Tactical Air Wing.
zdjęcie - Orlik 7 Left the Ground
Photo: B.Bera/arch. CO MON

ORLIK 7 is the 44th rotation among all NATO countries performing AIR POLICING tasks in the Baltic States: the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Latvia.

ORLIK 7 consists of over 100 personnel with various specializations needed for performing tasks and four F-16 multi-purpose fighters.

The task of ORLIK 7 is to ensure the integrity of NATO airspace in the Baltic States by QRA combat duty with the effort of 2 aircrafts 24/7 and to assist military and civilian aircraft in emergency situations during the flight.

ORLIK 7 will be operating at Siauliai Airport (LITHUANIA) from May to August 2017.

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