15 XII 2016

Poland’s Defence Ministry Head at the LITPOLUKBRIG Certification

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“Today we conducted exercises certifying the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade. These exercises end the preparation process whose goal was to achieve combat readiness of this brigade, which is not only a symbol, but constitutes real strength of the combined three Nations, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland,” said the Minister Antoni Macierewicz after observing the course of Common Challenge–16 training exercises, at the Land Forces Training Grounds Center at Nowa Dęba (Pol.: Ośrodek Szkolenia Poligonowego Wojsk Lądowych w Nowej Dębie).
zdjęcie - Poland’s Defence Ministry Head at the LITPOLUKBRIG Certification
Photo. ppor Robert Suchy/CO MON

The head of the Defence Ministry visited the brigade and exercises command post, inspected the equipment and viewed the training exercises of the sub-unit affiliated with the Multinational Brigade.

Raimundas Karoblis, Lithuania’s Minister of Defence and Igor Dołgow, Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine for European Integration, were also at the viewing. As the Polish Ministry head said, “we held talks associated with future actions in a broader context, perhaps also a NATO one, not only due to the decision of the UN Security Council, but also of other international organizations.”

Bilateral meetings also took place in Nowa Dęba of both the Polish and Lithuanian Defence Ministers, during which discussions were held on the deployment prospects of NATO battalion combat teams, stemming from decisions made at the NATO Summit in Warsaw last July, and whose decisions will be implemented in the coming months. As Defence Minister Karoblis pointed out (...) “This exercise is a reflection of the excellent cooperation within the Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian Brigade and the trilateral cooperation and solidarity of Poland, Lithuania and our partner from outside of NATO, Ukraine.”

“With great satisfaction, I can truly say today that the agreement and cooperation of the nations of Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland is returning to the European and international arena,” summed up Defence Minister Macierewicz.

The visiting Ukrainian Deputy Defence Minister reminded that the “decision to create a brigade was taken a few years ago, but after the aggression of Russia towards Ukraine, this task has become extremely important for each of our countries. (...) We stand face to face with a real threat and we have found true friends in your countries, which have been supporting Ukraine from the very beginning,” he pointed out.

The Polish and Lithuanian Defence Ministers and the Deputy Minister of Ukraine signed a commemorative LITPOLUKBRIG command certificate and the head of the certification team, Colonel Potocki, reported to the Operational Command of the Types of Armed Forces (DO RSZ) that the Brigade “is fully prepared to carry out its mandated tasks.”

The goal of the Common Challenge–16 exercise is to verify abilities and skills in planning, organizing and carrying out actions mandated in the context of achieving full combat readiness by the Lithuanian-Ukrainian-Polish Brigade led by Colonel. Zenon Brzuszko.

The exercise involves about 650 soldiers from Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and the United States. The organizer of the exercise is the General Command of the Armed Forces (DG RSZ), and the commander of the exercises is the 1st Deputy General Command Head, Lieutenant Gen. Leszek Surawski.
The Operational Command of the Armed Forces is responsible for the certification procedures.

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