22 XI 2017

Polish-Croatian consultations

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On Wednesday, 22nd November Polish-Croatian political and military consultations were held, chaired by the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of National Defense Tomasz Szatkowski and by the Croatian side - Assistant Minister of Defense Petar Mihatov.

zdjęcie - Polish-Croatian consultations

The interlocutors positively assessed the implementation the decisions of the last year’s NATO summit in Warsaw, referring to both the Eastern and Southern Flanks, also indicating further actions necessary for the adaptation of the Alliance against to the new threats.

Deputy Minister Szatkowski thanked Croatia for joining in October this year to a NATO Battle Group in Orzysz (Poland) within the framework of the NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). Ministers also talked, among others, about PESCO initiative.

In the context of the reform of the NATO's Command Structure,  interlocutors confirmed the importance and necessity to strengthen the Alliance's command capabilities by its qualitative development. During the consultations also discussed the issue of threats to Eastern Flank and the situation in the Western Balkans. Deputy Minister Szatkowski indicated, among others, on Poland’s readiness to continue the mission of supporting the stabilization the Western Balkans.

Ministers positively assessed the level of bilateral relations in the defense area. Referring to the meeting of the Ministers of Defense of Poland and Croatia, which took place in October this year, they maintained their will to intensify bilateral cooperation, indicating areas for its possible development (cooperation in the defense industry, special forces, military police, defense against weapon of mass destruction and motorized troops based on armored vehicles).

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