08 IV 2016

Polish Special Forces cooperation with Georgia

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Poland’s Special Forces Component gained another partner in the area of international cooperation. On 8 April 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed at the Headquarters of the Special Forces Component in Kraków.
zdjęcie - Polish Special Forces cooperation with Georgia
Photo: M.Dulewicz

The MoU was signed by the General Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Georgia, Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze and the Commander of the Special Forces Component, Brig. Gen. Jerzy Gut, on behalf of the heads of the Ministry of Defence of the two countries.

The MoU assumes a further tightening of cooperation between the Special Forces of Poland and Georgia among others, in the area of logistics, advisory, information exchange and experience. Bilateral cooperation will be implemented in the form of joint exercises, courses, conferences, seminars or workshops.

Poland will play the role of mentor to the Georgian Special Forces in terms of their focus on widely understood interoperability and Georgia’s work towards bringing in line its level of training and procedures to NATO standards.

Georgia is another State that has expressed interest in the development of bilateral cooperation in the area of its special forces. Earlier, similar agreements have been concluded with the United States, France and Croatia, countries of the Visegrad Group, Lithuania, Estonia and Brazil.

The cooperation of Polish and Georgian Special Forces was launched in December 2013, with the visit of the current Special Forces Component Commander, Brig. Gen. Jerzy Gut to the Special Forces Brigade headquarters in Georgia. In the following years, a whole series of visits and undertakings were carried out, dedicated to the strengthening of the Special Forces staff of Georgia, in order to work out the final shape of the MoU. On the basis of this MoU, the Polish and Georgian Special Forces will plan and carry out further joint ventures.

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