14 XII 2016

Polish-Ukranian Talks

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On Wednesday, 14 December, the Deputy Defence Ministers of Poland and Ukraine met for the third round of the Polish-Ukrainian strategic dialogue. The meeting was hosted by Undersecretary of State Tomasz Szatkowski. The Ukrainian delegation was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Igor Dolgov.
zdjęcie - Polish-Ukranian Talks

Current security issues in Eastern Europe were the topic of discussion, as well as the existing and future framework arrangements for cooperation within the region. Existing support arrangements to the Ministry of National Defence for Ukraine, related to the process of implementation of reforms in the security sector were also discussed. Common training opportunities, including participation in military exercises in Poland and Ukraine and prospects for the further development of cooperation in the military sectors were another topic.

Defence Minister Szatkowski declared further maintaining of support for Ukraine in its Euro-Atlantic aspirations, and in matters of national security, recognizing Polish-Ukrainian cooperation as one of Poland’s most important foreign policy priorities. Also addressed were issues of coordination and development of joint initiatives to counter hybrid threats.

Both Defence Ministers stressed the importance of the signed 2 December 2016 agreement by the Polish and Ukrainian Defence Ministers entitled: “The General Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Mutual Cooperation in the Field of Defense,” which will give an additional impetus to this strategic partnership.

The organization of the third meeting in this format is testimony to the special partnership that connects Kiev and Warsaw in the face of today's challenges and threats to security in Central Europe.

On 15 December 2016, designated as the Day of Distinguished Guests, the Ukranian delegation visited Nowa Dęba to witness military exercises under the code name “Common Challenge–16” at the military training grounds in Nowa Dęba.

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