11 XII 2017

Polish veterans at "Invictus Games"

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Poland joined the international competition for veterans  "Invictus Games".
zdjęcie - Polish veterans at "Invictus Games"

"Invictus Games" is an international project, initiated in 2014 by Prince Harry. Every year, teams of veterans from different countries taking part in competitions, which aim is to show the power of sport to inspire recovery and support the rehabilitation of the competitors, who in turn inspire countless others with their demonstration of determination, resilience and courage.

The Sydney Games will attract more than 500 competitors from 18 nations to compete in 11 adaptive sports, during which they will have the opportunity to thank families and friends for their role and the challenges they share in supporting our wounded warriors. Sydney will host around 1000 family and friends who will be in the stands cheering.

In the next year's edition of "Invictus Games" Poland, for the first time in the history, will join the competition and present its team consisted of about 20 veterans, accompanied by their families and friends, who are an integral part of the competition.

At the Invictus Games Sydney 2018, competitors will compete in different adaptive sports, e.g.  archery, athletics, indoor rowing, powerlifting, road cycling, sailing, sitting volleyball, swimming, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. These adaptive sports closely resemble the standard sports but with some modifications to the rules and equipment to better meet the needs of the competitors.

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