02 I 2018

Ready for a mission

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On Tuesday, 2nd January at the 32nd Air Force Base in Łask a farewell ceremony was held to the troops of the 4th Rotation of the Polish Military Contingent in Kuwait.

zdjęcie - Ready for a mission

Undersecretary of State Bartłomiej Grabski thanked troops for their effort devoted to the preparation of the next Rotation of PMC and stressed that this mission has a special importance for the security of the Republic of Poland, because it fulfills the decisions of the NATO summit.

The Commander of the 4th Rotation of the Polish Military Contingent Lt. Col. pilot Przemysław Struj, thanking to professionally prepared staff, stressed in his speech, that he hopes that the next mission will be as successful previous ones.

During the ceremony, Deputy Minister handed the Polish flag to the Commander of the PMC. They also signed the protocol of transferring the subordination of the troops to the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces Services.


The Polish Military Contingent in Kuwait operates under a decision signed by the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda of 17 June 2016 on the Use of Polish Military Contingents in Operation Inherent Resolve.

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