01 III 2018

Strengthening the Visegrad cooperation

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Prospects for strengthening the Visegrad cooperation in the field of defence as well as cooperation and the challenges facing NATO and the EU were the topics of the meeting of the Deputy Ministers of Defense of the Visegrad Group (the so-called V4 Senior Body) in Budapest on 27 and 28 February. The Under-Secretary of State in MoD Tomasz Szatkowski participated in the talks.
zdjęcie - Strengthening the Visegrad cooperation

The Ministers agreed on the need to further adapt the Alliance to the threats from all directions, in accordance with the decisions of the Warsaw Summit. With regard to the eastern flank they underlined the importance of the reform of NATO command structure and ensure the availability and efficiency of the follow-on forces, strengthening forces already present in the region. They underlined the growing importance of the risks on the Southern flank, mainly terrorism and illegal migration. They stressed the need for manning the NATO Strategic Direction South  Hub and supported the transformation of the existing activities of the Alliance in Iraq in NATO's mission.

The Ministers agreed that the recent defence initiatives of the EU must be consistent and complementary to NATO activities, and obtained capabilities should serve to both organizations. In this context, they drew particular attention to the project for improvement of cross-border movements of troops in Europe (military mobility), which combines the military and civilian dimensions. They agreed that it gives a chance to tighten the regional cooperation.  The Ministers also discussed the status of the preparations for the next EU Visegrad Battlegroup, on duty in the second half of the year 2019.

There have also been joint meeting of the Visegrad Group and representatives of South Korea. The security situation in the two regions was discussed. The Ministers also sought for areas of cooperation in this format. Deputy Minister Tomasz Szatkowski also attended bilateral meeting with Deputy Minister of Defense of South Korea, Suh Choo-Suk. Ministers discussed the security situation and issues related to bilateral cooperation.

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