18 I 2018

Talks in US about strengthening security

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- "We are expecting larger presence of US troops in Poland" - said the Head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak in Washington DC.
zdjęcie - Talks in US about strengthening security

On Wednesday 17th January, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak met with the National Security Advisor Lt. General Herbert Raymond McMaster.

The talks concerned issues related to the strengthening of Polish-American cooperation, including the presence of US troops on the Eastern Flank - I declared, according to decisions within the government, that we expect a larger presence of US troops in Poland. I guarantee that this presence could be a success not only for Poland, but also for Central and Eastern Europe – said Minster Błaszczak.

During the meeting, interlocutors also raised issues of bilateral military cooperation in connection with the ongoing process of modernization of the Polish Armed Forces, in which the United States is an important partner. Minister Błaszczak stressed that talks concerned, inter alia, on purchase of modern military equipment integrated with American equipment, which would allow to exploit all military potential.

- It was a very successful conversation, General McMaster knows the history of Poland perfectly, we will continue our dialogue thus have arranged further meeting. I have invited Mr General to Poland - said Minister.

The meeting was also attended by Undersecretary of State Tomasz Szatkowski and General Commander of Polish Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Jarosław Mika.


Poland is the center of US military operations on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance. Polish-American cooperation is a result of three key initiatives: NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence, the American Atlantic Resolve operation and the Alliance’s Ballistic Missile Defence system.

The U.S presence in Poland is a demonstration of continued U.S. commitment to collective security on air, land and at sea through a series of actions designed to reassure Poland and countries of our region, ensuring peace and stability. The U.S. presence has a diverse character and crucial meaning  to our country in the regional security system. Battle units, commands, logistic support and infrastructure are located in various parts of Poland. Decisions taken during the NATO Summit in Warsaw and their rapid implementation had in fact, strengthened the NATO’s Eastern Flank and Poland’s defense and deterrence potential.

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