30 VII 2018

Talks with the US about further tightening of defense cooperation

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Strengthening the US military presence in Poland and military cooperation were the main topics discussed by Deputy Minister Tomasz Szatkowski with representatives of the National Security Council, Department of Defense, Department of State and US Congress.

zdjęcie - Talks with the US about further tightening of defense cooperation

During the meetings held on July 25-27 in Washington, Deputy Minister Szatkowski stressed the importance of transatlantic ties, including the strong commitment of the US to the security of Poland and all of Europe. In this context, reference was made to the favorable results of the recent NATO Summit and plans for their implementation, e.g. the initiative to strengthen readiness.

The plans for further cooperation on the prospects for strengthening the presence of US forces in Poland were detailed. Undersecretary of State underlined that increasing American engagement in Poland would serve to strengthen the security of NATO's entire eastern flank.

Deputy Minister Szatkowski participated together with Foreign Minister J. Czaputowicz in a meeting with adviser to President D. Trump on national security, Ambassador J. Bolton. In addition, he conducted consultations with the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs in the Department of Defense - J. Rood, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs - W. Mitchell and representatives of the US Congress, including the Congressman Ch. Smith.

The deputy minister thanked Congressman Smith for active support of the concept of increasing the US military presence in Poland in the Congress's contacts with the US Administration. An example of this involvement is a letter from Congressmen to the Secretary of Defense of the USA, supporting Polish proposals in this respect, and cross-party acceptance for including in the Budget Act for 2019 a Pentagon report on this matter.


>>> A letter from US congressmen to the Secretary of Defense of the USA <<<


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