21 XII 2016

The Defence Ministry Head Visits Kuwait

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“It has indeed been a very long time since so much depended on so few. You are our national treasure. It is worth realizing this,” said the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz during a meeting with Polish soldiers serving out their mission in Kuwait.
zdjęcie - The Defence Ministry Head Visits Kuwait
Photo. mjr Robert Siemaszko/ CO MON

On Wednesday 21 December, the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz, the Operating Commander of the Types of Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Marek Tomaszycki, together with a Polish delegation visited the military base in Kuwait, where operational tasks falling under the code name "Inherent Resolve" are being carried out by Polish soldiers. The meeting was an opportunity for awards ceremonies and the presentation of medals of merit to soldiers, as well as to extend wishes marking the occasion of the upcoming Christmas holiday.

In beginning of his speech, the head of the Defence Ministry referred to the date of 21 December, which is a special moment in the Polish Army calendar. This day commemorates the Memory of the Fallen and Deceased in Missions and Military Operations Outside of Poland. “It is difficult to imagine, that on this day dedicated to the memory of Polish soldiers, during this, the newest and perhaps most important mission of Poland outside its borders, not to have the Defence Minster here with you. I am glad that I am here. I am glad that I can meet you and thank you for your service.”

“When we met for the first time, when you were being sent off on your mission, I told you that it is thanks to this decision of the Polish military, that so much managed to get accomplished during the NATO Summit. Today I can say that you have provided us with even more than I had thought. No day passes, without us hearing from all sides about the effectiveness of your actions. (…) For this effort that you are putting in here, which was symbolically recognized by awards, commendations, and passed on to you by the President of Poland, the Minister of National Defence, your commander says thank you. These commemorative awards are only a representation of our gratitude,” said the head of the Defence Ministry.

“It has indeed been a very long time since so much depended on so few. You are our national treasure. It is worth realizing this. It is worth realizing this especially today, when again the fate of our Homeland is being weighed. I have no shadow of a doubt, that both your effectiveness, and the growing effectiveness of our Army, along with these new formations, the existence of which today has been defined by the signature of the President of the Republic of Poland thereby creating a fifth type of Territorial Defence Force for the defense of our country, that all this will make Poland a truly secure place. (…) Your efforts here are of great importance for the security of Poland. But it is also of great importance for all Poles, who think about you. It is not so that only your family wonders whether you are secure. Today, on the eve of Christmas, all Poles are wondering whether you are secure. It is clear that the actions that you undertake, although they are not strictly speaking of an active combat nature, are actions that expose you to danger. Poles are well aware of this, and all Poles are with you. I want you to remember this.”

During the meeting, the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz expressed his Christmas greetings to the troops and military employees. As the Defence Minister emphasized, these wishes to Kuwait are flowing from all over Poland, and from all Poles: “I want to pass on the Christmas wishes from the Pauline Prior of Jasna Góra. The best wishes, greetings and thank you from Prime Minister Beata Szydło, who remembers and knows how much depends on you and how much you give to Poland. Onto the hands of the Commander, I want to offer you my heartfelt thanks for your service. (…) I want to thank you for proudly carrying the white-and-red banner, which flutters in Kuwait thanks to your presence. Thanks to you, "Polish wings" mark their presence in the Near and Middle East. It is there thanks to a handful of great, brave, Polish soldiers. On behalf of the Republic of Poland, I say thank you.”

About 130 Polish soldiers serve in the "Inherent Resolve" mission, within the framework of the Polish Military Contingent stationed there. The essential core of the mission is made up of soldiers and specialists from the 32nd Tactical Air Base from Łask. The contingent is equipped with F–16 aircraft, on which the crew carries out various reconnaissance tasks. The Commander is Lt. Col. pilot Tomasz Jatczak.


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