14 III 2017

The defense minister visit to Estonia

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- We talked today about the military and political cooperation, in the frameworks of NATO and the EU as well. We talked about the cooperation between the two friendly countries that share the sense of good understanding and want to work together for safety of their people and for peace in the whole Europe - said the defense minister Antoni Macierewicz after a meeting with Minister of Defense of Estonia Mr Margus Tsahkna.

zdjęcie - The defense minister visit to Estonia

On Tuesday, the head of the Polish Ministry of National Defence paid a one-day visit to Tallinn, where he met with the Estonian defense minister, with the head of the Estonian Defence Forces gen. R. Terras, with chairman of the Parliamentary Defense Committee Mr H. Hanso and with the commander of the Defence League Brigadier General M. Kiili.

- Many years of common history unite us, we share economic ties, we understand what are the real threats to the security of Europe and the world. Poland and Estonia, as few other countries, understands the enormous danger of growing aggressive attitude of the Russian Federation, that had been already implemented, firstly in the attack on Georgia, later in the Smolensk drama, in the aggression against Ukraine, and finally in the dramatic events related to the downing of the airplane of the Malaysian Airlines. All these attacks are arranged in a sequence of increasing aggression against not only Central and Eastern Europe, but undermining the international order in Europe in general. Both Poland and Estonia, are aware that this is not only a threat to our countries. It is a threat to the existence of international order, peace, security and prosperity of all European nations - said after the meeting minister Macierewicz.

- We acted in recent years as united. We worked together and thus we achieved that NATO summit in Warsaw decisions guarantee our countries and Europe security and peace, and give the chance to stop the threat from the East that had been demonstrated in recent years - emphasized minister Macierewicz.

- In Poland, there have been US forces based for two months, larger than those that were initially declared. In the coming months, NATO forces will be deployed in Estonia, also in Poland, and the Polish detachment, which will be present in the framework of NATO forces in Latvia, will always be ready to joint operations in Estonia. Much time of our conversation was devoted to considerations of how to strengthen the structure of the NATO that would guarantee the security of our countries. We talked about the chain of command unification, the roles of the corps in Szczecin and the multinational division headquarters in Elblag - minister Macierewicz emphasized in his statement.

Defense Minister pointed out that the Baltic Air Policing mission had been one of the topics discussed by the defense ministers. The mission, as the head of the MOD stressed is the Polish commitment and contribution to the maintenance of international security.

Minister Macierewicz asked by journalists about the use of the Estonian territorial defense experiences pointed out that they are very inspiring and important for Poland. (...) But you have to remember about the structural differences of both situations. The Estonian Defence League is closer to the Polish paramilitary organizations. Territorial Defense in Poland is the fifth type of military service and is an integral part of the Polish Armed Forces. From this point of view, it works in different circumstances than the Estonian territorial defense.

During a visit to Tallinn Polish delegation laid a wreath at the Victory Column in the War of Independence.

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