13 X 2017

The Head of the Ministry of National Defence about the rotation of US troops

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On Thursday, 12th October in London Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz rejected charges from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, that in Poland are stationed US troops division - It is simply not true and it is a false presentation of the situation - said the Head of of the Ministry of National Defence.
zdjęcie - The Head of the Ministry of National Defence about the rotation of US troops

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation stated that the rotation of US units in Poland, which took place as part of operation Atlantic Resolve, means that near to Russia's borders is deployed division of US troops, not brigade.

- It must be said, that Russian’s Defence Ministry statement is not very serious and misleads the public opinion. I truly thought that the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is able to count the soldiers stationed on the eastern flank of NATO. It is not a division in any way, and if you look at the Russian troops assembled on NATO's eastern flank (...), it’s far exceeds many divisions – said Minister Macierewicz in London, during the press conference with Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski.

The Head of the MOnD stressed that - Stationing the battalion battle groups (...) - and I remind Russian Federation that the battalion is less than a division, much less than a division (...) - has a defensive character only. Poland, the Baltic States, Romania - the eastern flank of the NATO - has rights to defend and rights to taking actions, which will deter and defend toward the aggressive activity of the Russian Federation and any lies will not change that.

- Russia is occupying part of the European country, is an aggressor and this aggression enlarges at every stage. To justify this aggression, Russia formulates false, untrue information about our activities, which has exclusively defensive character - said the Head of the MOnD at the end.

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