01 VIII 2017

The sacrifice can not go in vain

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“This Warsaw insurgents made, that there is a chance for the restoration of independence and their sacrifice can not go in vain” – said Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz during the celebration of the 73rd anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
zdjęcie - The sacrifice can not go in vain

"They caused that today we can stand up with our raised foreheads, facing off against all difficulties, we can now believe that there is a chance to successfully fight for the reconstruction of the state and independence – said Minister during the ceremony with the insurgents, representatives of the highest authorities, the army, other uniformed services and the diplomatic corps. He added that "it was not in the history of Poland, it was not in the history of Europe, but also it probably was not in the history of Western civilization events comparable to the Warsaw Uprising”. The story of the last eighty years would have been different if this great young people, this incredible generation of Independent Poland had not been so devastated, it happened as a result of the of the German and Soviet criminal machine. And Warsaw would look different" said the Head of the Ministry of Defence.
– “This sacrifice can not go in vain. This sacrifice of the blood can not be forgotten” - he stressed.

“An independent, national Polish state, just for all people, not for the elect, must become  the light in the eyes of all Poles” - said Minister. He also added that the later generations, who did not have to sacrifice their lives, should feel responsible for the state and should remember about the sacrifice of the uprising.

- “Luckily (...) we do not have to sacrifice our lives, we do not have to risk our own death, but we must have a bit of moral courage, be conscious of national dignity, be conscious of the state duty, because for this state - not the foreign toy - but because of the independent state, sovereign, national, based on Christian values, hundreds of thousands of people have laid down their lives - said Minister Macierewicz.

He called the uprising "a symbol of the truth about World War II, which has not ended the surrender in Potsdam, on which the real end - Warsaw, Poland and the whole world had to wait for decades. Warsaw is also a symbol of the unknown history of World War II.  This true history, which began since the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The history, whose terrible next act was written by red plague – the Soviet troops waited for Warsaw to be destroy by the hands of German torturers" - said the Head of the Ministry of National Defence.

During the ceremony, Minister Antoni Macierewicz promoted several insurgents to a higher officer ranks. I had the honor to hand over military advances, but these soldiers of the Warsaw Uprising with their presence, struggle, unconquerable perseverance and determination - for all these decades - Promoted us to the rank of an independent nation said Minister of National Defence

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