25 IV 2016

The Signing of the Territorial Defense Concept

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“This is a special day for the armed forces. Today, is the kick-off date for the implementation of territorial defence,” said the Minister of National Defence, Antoni Macierewicz, after the signing of the territorial defense concept.
zdjęcie - The Signing of the Territorial Defense Concept
Photo mjr Robert Siemaszko/CO MON

On Monday, at the Waldemar Milewicz General Secondary School in Warsaw, the head of the Defence Ministry signed a new document concerning the functioning of the territorial defense concept.

During a meeting with the school’s students, Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz said: “I am glad that this is occurring here and in your presence, as pro-defense organizations and uniformed classes will have a very important role to fulfill in the design, operation and functioning of the territorial defense of our country. (…) With the signing of this decision, the uniformed classes have become active members and co-authors of this concept.”

The Defence Minister pointed out that a modern army requires such as territorial defense component, and such a decision is also required due to the specific situation of our country. Defence Minister Macierewicz pointed out that (...) “the creation of this system will help to restore the proper place of patriotism and military education in our society.”

The Defence Minister thanked all those involved who helped in the creation of the legal norms that will now regulate the functioning of territorial defence. Special thanks were extended to Dr. Gregorz Kwaśniak, the Defence Minister representative, responsible for the establishment of the National Territorial Defense, the Director of the Pro-Defense Office, Waldemar Zubek, and the Commander General of the Types of Armed Forces (RSZ) Lieutenant General Mirosław Różański and the Operational Commander of the Types of Armed Forces, Marek Tomaszycki.

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