01 VIII 2017

The USA ensures support for Central and Eastern Europe

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Russia's actions will not affect to the commitment of the United States in the process of building the security of our Allies and the rest of the peaceful countries - assured in Tallinn Mike Pence, Vice President of the USA. The American politician stays in Europe with an official visit.

zdjęcie - The USA ensures support for Central and Eastern Europe

- “The US administration hopes that the behavior of Russia towards Ukraine and the issue of supporting regimes in Iran and North Korea will change. We continue to believe that our relations can improve, because it is in the interests of both parties, it will be beneficial for peace and stability in the region and in the world" said Mike Pence in the capital of Estonia.

The visit of the US Vice President to the three Central and Eastern Europe countries aims to confirm the allied commitments to the US partners. During the weekend President Mike Pence visited Estonia and tonight he will travel to Georgia. The last point of his visit is Montenegro, which has become officially NATO member a few weeks ago.

On the eve of the arrival of the US Vice President to Georgia, NATO maneuvers cryptonym "Noble Partner has started.

- About 2,800 troops from the United States, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, Slovenia, Armenia and Georgia will be exercise on the training ground in Georgia. “These exercises will allow our army move closer to NATO standards and will have a positive impact on the stabilization of the situation in the region - said the Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kwirikaszwili during the opening ceremony of international maneuvers.

Turn words into action

This type of international project is the result of decisions taken during the NATO summit in Warsaw. In July last year, NATO leaders decided that in response to the aggressive policy of Russia and the prolonged conflict in Ukraine the military presence in eastern flank of NATO has to be strengthen. In Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia deployed four battalions of NATO battle groups and started its activity the Multinational Division North–East in Elblagwith the task of commanding the whole allied forces on the eastern flank. NATO troops have already reached combat readiness and fully implement the tasks which was put before them – common exercises with local troops, what is the example of manifestation of NATO's unity against the threat from the East.

- “The strength of battle groups is not the number of barrels, but the number of states that create them. This shows the true unity of the Alliance and its determination to protect the eastern flank and the fact of the implementation of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty - says Brig. Gen. Jarosław Gromadziński Commander of the 15th Mechanized Brigade. This unit co-operates with a combat group stationed in Poland, which consists of subdivisions from the United States, Great Britain and Romania.

“In addition to the obligations arising from the policy of NATO, the United States has undertaken a number of separate decisions aimed to ensure security in our region. Although the current administration password is "America First", this does not mean that America will be focused on itself. Our allies can be sure that the United States stand for all Allies behind the wall and are involved in building common security" - said Mike Pence in Estonia.

The decisions taken by the Polish authorities during the Warsaw Summit have a great importance. Raising the military funding level in a few years to 2.5% of GDP, announcing the increase of the number of Polish forces to 200,000 of soldiers or the reconstruction of military capabilities in the east of the country. These actions are noticed by our allies. Lieutenant General Frederick "Ben" Hodges, Commanding General of U.S. Army Europe, who was a guest of the June exercise "Saber Strike", stressed that Poland is a leader in the Alliance as a result of activities of President Andrzej Duda and Minister Antoni Macierewicz, as well as "the army, which not only constantly modernizes, but is an example to other countries” – said Gen. Frederick Hodges.


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