31 X 2017

Together about safety and modernization

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-    It was very important and a long discussion. Exchange of mutual opinions, diagnosis of the South Pacific as well as NATO's eastern flotilla. - said defense minister Antoni Macierewicz after  the meeting with the Minister for Defence Industry of Australia.
zdjęcie - Together about safety and modernization
Photo: MAJ Robert Siemaszko

On Monday, October 30th. The Head of the Ministry of Defense Antoni Macierewicz met with Minister of Defense Industry Christopher Pyne in Warsaw.
Ministers held bilateral talks on the cooperation of the armaments industry in both countries. The meeting was also attended by Secretary of Defense of the Defense Department of Australia Gregory Moriarty.

Together about safety and modernization

-    We are aware that today's world is full of dangers and threats. This requires us to cooperate.
We share with Australia, not only the tradition of fighting our soldiers during the Second World War, but we also have shared experiences in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq and now against the Islamic state.-  Minister Antoni Macierewicz declared in a common statement.
-    We are together members of the anti-terrorist coalition, and  we are also in common to sharing  our potential interests of our defense industries and exchange of experience of our armies - said the head of the Ministry of Defense.
-    As far as submarines are concerned, we have common interests and a shared vision of the need to strengthen our capabilities. Both Australia and Poland are faced with the need to acquire submarines. Exchange of experience in this field, but also in other aspects of the defense industry, will surely lead us to tighten our cooperation in the near future – added  Polish Minister
-    Minister and  I had a long discussion about the geopolitical  issues that faced by Poland and Australia and many of which we are share in common. One of the prime objective my being here is to work with Polish government to build defense industrial capability - noticed the Australian Defense Industry Minister Christopher Pyne.

Together about safety and modernization

-    For both our countries are go ahead in very significant built up about military capabilities.
We want to build up our capability on our industrial base so to be sovereign.
Sovereign in sustaining and maintaining our platforms, sovereign in building many of this platforms. That’s what Poland wants to do and that’s what Australia wants to do, (..) and  to learn from each other successes and sometimes our mistakes - the Australian minister said.

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