20 X 2017

Undersecretary Fałkowski in US

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Professor Wojciech Fałkowski, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of National Defence, paid a visit to the USA on October 16-20 to establish the new forms of cooperation between the ministry and American universities.
zdjęcie - Undersecretary Fałkowski in US

Celebrated in 2018 the centenary of regaining independence by Poland and establishing diplomatic relations and active cooperation with the United States offers a good field and opportunity to open a series of lectures on history and political science at American universities. One of the aims of the lectures would be to highlight President Woodrow Wilson’s role and commitment in the Polish case which largely contributed in restoration of the Polish state.

The presented programme is based on lectures on Polish history, culture and politics mainly in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The lectures will be addressed to the students, lecturers and general public, including local administrative and political elites. It is important that the lectures become the part of the academic curriculum or would be arrange as a prestigious, single events. The guidelines of this initiative is to build a positive image of Poland and its strong and clear position in the region, as well as to strengthen the perception of Poland as the most important state of Central and Eastern Europe.

To present the above concept deputy minister Wojciech Fałkowski met with the officials from the Ivy League universities - Georgetown University, Princeton University, Yale University, Harvard University as well as the Catholic University of America, United States Military Academy in West Point, John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Ministry’s new project in academic field is linked with the next year’s celebrations of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence of Poland and was received with interest by the professors, management staff and people in charge of international academic cooperation. These talks helped to establish a framework for future cooperation.

Deputy minister met also with the Executive Director of the American Historical Association James Grossman. It was confirmed that the ministry and Polish scientists will participate in the AHA annual historical conference in 2018 that gathers the most eminent historians from United States. At the conference there will be presented an exhibition on Poland’s regained independence prepared by the Polish Army Museum together with the short historical lecture.

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