27 V 2018

We are strengthening security and we are a solidary ally

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- Serving in Latvia, you show solidarity with our allies from NATO every day. The decisions taken at the NATO summit in Warsaw meant that we could feel safe in Poland, but also in Latvia, in the countries that make up NATO. This is a great value - said Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense during a meeting with Polish soldiers serving in Latvia.
zdjęcie - We are strengthening security and we are a solidary ally

On Saturday, the head of the Ministry of National Defense visited the Adazi base in Latvia, where Polish soldiers serve as part of a multinational battalion battle group.

In his speech, the Minister drew attention to the role of Polish engagement in strengthening the eastern flank of NATO and ensuring security in the region.

- We are in solidarity with our allies. We support them. We also expect solidarity and I am convinced that this solidarity will also be when we find ourselves in a difficult situation. This is the security system that guarantees us the possibility of free development - said the minister.

The head of the Ministry of Defense also thanked the soldiers for their exemplary service. He distinguished them with occasional congratulatory letters.

- Serving the necessary competences in Latvia. You prove that a Polish soldier is a soldier of high morale, devoted to service and one who knows his craft very well. In this way, we confirm the long history of Polish arms.

The Minister stressed that Polish soldiers perform in Latvia an honorable service that represents our country in an international environment.

During the visit to the base, the head of the Ministry of National Defense lit a candle at the monument "Vienotiba Speks", devoted to soldiers killed during military missions.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense was acquainted with the infrastructure, plans for the extension of the Adazi base and the equipment of the battle group.


In accordance with the provisions of the NATO Summit in Warsaw on strengthening the eastern flank of the Alliance, multinational battalion NATO battle groups arrived in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, while in Romania a multinational brigade was formed.

The composition of the Polish Military Contingent are mainly soldiers of the 9th Armored Cavalry Brigade with logistic platoons. The commander of the Polish Military Contingent is Maj Leszek Woźny.
Polish Military Contingent is part of the Multinational Battalion Battle Group under the command of Canada, formed as part of the enhanced forward presence (eFP). About a thousand soldiers serves in the battle group.

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