13 XI 2017

Wess Mitchell in MON

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On November 13, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence Mr. Tomasz Szatkowski hosted US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, dr Wess Mitchell.
zdjęcie - Wess Mitchell in MON

Assistant Secretary presented priorities of foreign and security policy of the Administration of President Donald Trump, accentuating the special role of relations with the Central and Eastern Europe countries.

Dr Mitchell and Undersecretary Szatkowski discussed the US engagement in Europe in the framework of the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) and the European Deterrence Initiative. The talks focused on various aspects of the US military presence in Poland, common Polish – American defence projects as well as the dynamics of the NATO and EU evolution.


Dr Wess Mitchell took the oath of office as Assistant Secretary of State on October 12, 2017. During his first European trip as ASS he visited - beside Warsaw - Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin. The last capital  he is to pay a visit to is Kiev.

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