03 VIII 2018

WISŁA and HOMAR on track

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Determining further directions of development for the WISŁA and HOMAR programs, as well armament acquiring for the Polish Navy are the main topics of government talks in USA of Sebastian Chwałek, secretary of state in the Ministry of National Defense.
zdjęcie - WISŁA and HOMAR on track

Between 30 July and 2 August, Deputy Minister Chwałek paid a visit to the United States, where he talked about the technical modernization of the Armed Forces. The deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense met, among others the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics / US National Armaments Director Ellen Lord, US Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense Exports and Cooperation Ann Cataldo, Deputy Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency Gregory Kausner and director of the US Navy International Programs Office RAdm Francis Morley.

Talks on the implementation of the HOMAR program include the effect of the decision of Minister Mariusz Błaszczak on the termination of the procedure for the delivery of division level missile launchers according to the procedure adopted in 2015 and the immediate start of negotiations with the US government side in the framework of Foreign Military Sales (FMS). The change in the way the POL MoND will proceed, allows for the timely delivery of equipment and assures the GBAD abilities.

One of the most important modernization areas of the Polish Armed Forces is the WISŁA program implemented by the Ministry of National Defense. On March 28 this year Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, signed a contract for the implementation of the first stage of this program. Thanks to it, two PATRIOT batteries will be delivered in Poland in the 3+ configuration with the IBCS system. In April this year Polish delegation headed by the Representative of the Ministry of National Defense for the Acquisition and Implementation of the WISŁA System to the Polish Armed Forces Col Michał Marciniak began negotiations in the US for the second phase of the program in Huntsville, USA. The talks of the deputy Minister Sebastian Chwałek concerned details related to the implementation of the second phase of this landmark program for the Polish Armed Forces.


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