13 IX 2016

WISŁA Program Update

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In accordance with the 6 September 2016 decision of Poland’s Minister of National Defence, a formal Letter of Request (LOR) was presented to the U.S., under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) inquiry procedure, for the supply of PATRIOT batteries, within the framework of the WISŁA Program.
zdjęcie - WISŁA Program Update

This LOR concerns the acquisition of eight batteries, in their currently latest configuration—PATRIOT Configuration 3+, along with an integrated command system, the IBCS, or the Integrated Battle Command System or Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System. At the same time, beginning with the third (or subsequent) delivered battery set, Poland has reserved the right to change the currently offered radar to a new active antenna. The basic criterion will be 360° coverage, open architecture and above all, the benefit of the use of the latest technology (AESA GaN).

At the same time, a request has been made in the LOR for a significant role to be played by Poland, to the greatest extent possible, for participation in production of components (among others, the chassis base, means of communication, aggregates, masking agents, etc.) and the provision of at least a 50% share of the Polish defense industry in its delivery, in reference to the value of the supply agreement. This task will be carried within the framework of an offset agreement.

“Assumptions to the proposed negotiation are aimed at concluding an offset agreement related to obtaining from the Government of the United States of America, anti-aircraft and anti-missile medium-range batteries for the WISŁA program,” together with an offset agreement prepared by the Office of Offset Agreements with a positive opinion obtained by the Offset  Committee. The specified directory of critical, necessary, and innovative capacity requirements has been prepared, including 69 offset obligations identified.

With regard to the delivery, the LOR predetermines the delivery of the first battery as soon as possible, which should occur based on preliminary calculations, in 2019. The delivery of the remaining six batteries should be concluded by 2026, including the modernization of the first two batteries to the target configuration.

The Request for Proposal (LOR) sent by the Weapons Inspectorate (Pol.: Inspektorat Uzbrojenia) will be next passed on to the implementation agency, that is, the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC). As a result of the above actions, the Polish side should then receive a draft agreement (Letter of Offer and Acceptance—LOA), which will be the subject of further consultation and negotiation.

It is anticipated that the preliminary draft agreement (LOA) will be passed on by the Americans before the end of this year. Further negotiations will then take place based on this LOA.

In parallel with these efforts, work is underway at the Polish Ministry of National Defence related to the analysis of possible alternative ways of procuring PATRIOT batteries. To this end, the Minister of National Defence asked the U.S. Secretary of Defense to have the U.S. Government side give its approval, to allow Lockheed Martin and MEADS International, to provide information about the MEADS system and on the extension of the scope of talks being conducted on an industrial level with the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), to include possible offset obligations.

The intention of the Polish Defence Ministry on this issue is to have the current knowledge in the scope of the MEADS system (also using PAC–3 MSE missiles) in case of a negative conclusion of the contractual negotiations concerning the supply or the offset associated with the PATRIOT battery delivery.

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